Creative DW

We employ newcomers with established track records and foreign expertise. We provide creative, short-term work experience in consulting roles to newcomer professionals and offer training through our partners and networks to help up-level the newcomer’s transition into the Canadian workforce.

We use artistic methods combined with multi-sectoral talents to produce ideas and alternatives that society can explore and experience first-hand.

We prioritize people over projects: We hire first, based on our interest in the person, their abilities, their ways of thinking, and their interest in our methods and us. We identify or develop projects that require their skill sets after. We work with people who feel they can leave their disbelief at the door.

We seek to:

  1. Reveal the extraordinary abilities and intelligence of accomplished newcomer professionals.
  2. Build a wealth of social and cultural capital in support of newcomers.
  3. Creatively disrupt the conventional goals and methods of settlement.

Our proprietary approach includes:

  • Experimentation & exploration
  • Immersion & practice
  • Horizontal learning
  • Invention

We envision the settlement and welcoming process as a continuous opportunity to design for a better world.

We are not a settlement agency or a career training centre. We work with these service providers; they are our allies and partners.

We’re artists. As our friend puts it, “artists get shit done.”

Want to connect? Email helen@nullcreativedw.com

Many thanks to our supporters and partners who helped bring this experiment to life: